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Mr. & Mrs. Stern / Covid-19 Wedding

I want this blog post to speak life and bring hope to anyone who’s wedding is being affected by Covid-19. From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry if you are walking through that…I can imagine the heartache and frustration of losing what you envisioned. However, I don’t want to give Covid too much credit or power. The purpose of marriage and the love between you and your fiancé cannot be taken from you.

Laura and Logan are a testament to this. They originally had a bigger celebration planned but because of the pandemic, they opted for an intimate day with just their immediate families. The day was personal and intentional. Every detail of their day had love written all over it. She got ready in her childhood home, the ceremony and reception were at her grandparents (that her grandfather built!), the cake was made by her sister, they FaceTimed one of her brothers (who lives in Colorado) so he could still read during the ceremony, they had a phone designated for guests to watch the whole thing over zoom and her grandfather officiated the ceremony. The list goes on. I held back tears the whole day because the people in their corner did everything they could to make their wedding day just as beautiful and memorable. And it was.

If you’re currently planning a wedding during this pandemic, below is a note from the bride with some of her advice and favorite memories of their day.

My heart hurts for those having to make these difficult decisions, it’s not easy. We really learned what was important to us! Getting to start this new chapter of our lives together was more important to us than having a reception with all our family and friends, even though there was grief in losing that. My brother, Logan’s grandparents, my bridesmaids and Logan’s groomsmen didn’t get to attend, but we got to get married in the presence of God and in front of our immediate families. We don’t regret our decision in any way…getting to start our lives together was really what we wanted most.

My advice is to really figure out what is most important to you, and base your decisions off of that. Also, to not get caught up in what culture tells you is important about a wedding. You need to decide that for yourselves!

Although our wedding day ended up looking so different than we had originally planned, it was the most joyful day I’ve ever experienced. My brother David wasn’t able to come, but I FaceTimed him that morning for a long time. David means a lot to me and he’s one of my best friends. He listed out things he saw in me that were strengths God had given me. He took the time to talk about my gifts and give me examples. It was so kind.

Our ceremony felt intimate and beautiful. Logan’s face when I walked down the aisle is one of my favorite memories. I can’t believe I got to marry a man who looks at me the way he does. My grandfather married us, and in his message he captured the seriousness of marriage and how it is the Lord’s design. What a gift.

I loved getting to dance with my dad at the wedding. He’s not an emotional person but the things he said to me when we danced were very sweet and meaningful.

I have anticipated my wedding day since I was a little girl, and the day was more special and memorable than I had imagined. Getting to marry Logan is better than any of the wedding fantasies I could have dreamed up.

No matter what you decide, whether that’s a smaller elopement style day or postpone to next year, your wedding will be special. The purpose is always the same — To marry the love of your life.



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